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Academic Year 2021-22
First of its kind in India -
The Only Summer Olympiad

Steps to Give Exam For Individual Registration

With so many Olympiad exams around, you should read the following before you offer these exams to your students

  • 1

    After registration and payment, you will receive a login id, password & a dashboard link within 7 days.

  • 2

    Go to the dashboard & login using those credentials & update your profile. Then, upload documents for profile verification

  • 3

    To give the Mock Test, go to Mock Test and click the subject. You can then give the 3 mock tests for that particular subject.

  • 4

    To give the Olympiad Exam on the date mentioned, click on the Olympiad Exam & then give the Olympiad for that particular subject.

Fee Structure &
Account Details

Rs 299/- For Classes 2 to 12

The fees must be deposited to the Company’s Official Bank Account only:

Individual Register for WeIntern Olympiads

Fill the form and our representative will contact you within 24 working hours.

Our Advisors.

WeIntern National Olympiad aims to identify a child’s real potential & motivate students to endeavor deeper understanding of the modern world.

Pankaj Kapoor, IIM Ahmedabad

Managing Director (Multiple Pharma & Food Chain Companies)

WeIntern National Olympiad will certainly assist in enhancing students reasoning, analytical and problem-solving skills.

Rohan Dalmia, University of Illinois.

Data Analyst (Multiple Fintech Companies)

WeIntern National Olympiad will help in building talent, skills & knowledge for school students on how to strive in competitive exams in the future.

Keshav Nanda , Indian School of Business.

Operations & Strategy Specialist (Multiple E-Commerce Gaints)

WeIntern National Olympiad, through it’s qualitative & quantitive assessment & unique award & recognition structure will definitely motivate students & teach them ways to lead & prosper in the future competitive hurdles.

Satyam Kataria, IIM Kozhikode

Business & Technology Analyst (Multiple Founded Startups)