Benefits For Schools

First of its kind in India - The
Only Summer Olympiad

2021-22 Academic

Benefits For Schools


Recognition on a National platform WeIntern, gaining huge visibility across the country.


Platform to encourage practical application of knowledge in a healthy competitive environment.


Best National School Awards Trophy & Citation for top 3 schools.


Announcement of all prize holders along with their school name & logo on our official national platform WeIntern (over 5 Lakh unique visitors).


Teachers and Principals felicitated by the Organisation in recognition of guiding students to perform well in the Olympiad and encouraging students to have maximum participation.(Min Student from that school required for it 30).

  • 1

    Rs 25000 + Scholar trophies +
    medal of excellence + merit certificate

  • 2

    Rs 10000 + scholar trophies +
    medal of excellence + merit certificate

  • 3

    Rs 5000 + scholar trophies +
    medal of excellence + merit certificate

Our Advisors.

WeIntern National Olympiad aims to identify a child’s real potential & motivate students to endeavor deeper understanding of the modern world.

Pankaj Kapoor, IIM Ahmedabad

Managing Director (Multiple Pharma & Food Chain Companies)

WeIntern National Olympiad will certainly assist in enhancing students reasoning, analytical and problem-solving skills.

Rohan Dalmia, University of Illinois.

Data Analyst (Multiple Fintech Companies)

WeIntern National Olympiad will help in building talent, skills & knowledge for school students on how to strive in competitive exams in the future.

Keshav Nanda , Indian School of Business.

Operations & Strategy Specialist (Multiple E-Commerce Gaints)

WeIntern National Olympiad, through it’s qualitative & quantitive assessment & unique award & recognition structure will definitely motivate students & teach them ways to lead & prosper in the future competitive hurdles.

Satyam Kataria, IIM Kozhikode

Business & Technology Analyst (Multiple Founded Startups)